Bergen Spring 2015
At a geological conference in the summer of 2012 my colleague Haakon invited me to spend a sabbatical in Bergen studying deformed conglomerates. Such a study offers a window into the behavior of rocks deep within a mountain belt over timescales not reproducible in a laboratory. Geologists must work where suitable exposures are located, so I plan a visit to Bergen. Delayed until 2015, I plan to use April for preliminary office work and field site reconnaissance, and May, after Emily joins me to assist, for field and laboratory work.

These photographs are a distillation of my experiences in Bergen, mostly outside of that work, exploring Bergen and observing its landscape, people, and culture. Presented chronologically, they document changes through time, a city moving from winter into spring, places strange becoming familiar, connections and patterns recognized. I hope you will take the time to look through them chronologically, and look for these changes and patterns.

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