Tri-Coastal Ride 2014

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Postscript. A few notes perhaps useful for someone contemplating a similar ride. I am an experienced rider, but not an expert, I'm always learning. On a trip like this, it is easy to get into trouble fast. My longest trip previously was 3000 miles, but I've done many shorter ones, and ride most days Spring to Fall. Practice, get good gear, take a course, and read up on safety. I ride long days, but on the way out to Golden I set aside time for 300 miles per day. Ultimately I had 25 riding days, 4 of which were half days of less than 200 miles. The longest 577, three over 500, seven over 400, ten over 300, and one at 265. 70% of these miles were off the Interstates, mainly on two lane blacktop, with 30% on Interstates. The average full day was 402 miles. That was comfortable for me, but ride your own ride. Ride safe, and keep the rubber side down!

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