Tri-Coastal Ride 2014

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Epilogue. I posted many of these pictures on Facebook as I traveled, and appreciated the positive responses. I promised to post a gallery, and this is it. I hope some people find it entertaining, maybe even educational. I didn't plan much, I had to be in Colorado, and then it was in my mind to visit my dad, aunt, daughter, and sister. That all worked out. My dad followed my route on a map as I rode, that was pretty cool. Riding a Road King with New York plates across country is a good way to meet people. The hispanic waiter in Kansas, who's eyes got wide, New York was a foreign land. The Oklahoma bikers in the Nevada desert, one with a ZZ Top beard hooting, "Shoot, we ain't ridden nowhere yet!". The sheriff with his strange sense of humor and beefy handshake. The salutes I got from bikers on the freeway in San Francisco and San Jose. The honeymoon couple in Big Sur on their own road trip. The biker vet in New Mexico who invited me to share a table. The PhD student in Louisiana. The Alabama boy in a pickup who yelled "You ride that thing all the way from New York?", I repled "Yup, by way of California", he let out a rebel yell, "Damn, don't that beat all!". Don't pass up a good adventure when you get the chance. Cheers!

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